GOOGLE GENOMICS 17 de junho de 2017

The Power of Google Genomics

Google Genomics is based on Google Cloud Platform, which enables users to scale experiments and data analysis at will by using the same high-powered infrastructure that Google runs on. Cloud Platform includes speedy Google Compute Engine VMs for data analysis, the ability to develop new apps easily, and vast storage resources. By using Google Genomics to access Cloud Platform, you can interrogate enormous data sets in as little time as tiny data sets.

Built for bioinformatics scientists, programmers and researchers, Google Genomics enables you to advance your work in the life sciences. If your research involves asking questions of one or a million genomes, you can benefit from our technologies. 

Google Genomics allows you to tap into the leading infrastructure available through Cloud Platform. Take advantage of Compute Engine, our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to run large-scale workloads on virtual machines and pay only for what you use. Our cloud storage offers global edge-caching for fast access to data from any location and reliable versioning. You’ll also get sophisticated load balancing along with the performance and consistency of Google’s worldwide fiber network.

In addition, Google Genomics features a number of tools to make your life easier. Our open-source tools and cloud compute power can enable users to make a qualitative change in their analyses, switching from more limited batch processing to interactive processing that lets you make changes on the fly and see the effects of those edits immediately. 

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